Thursday, December 28, 2006

At least she has my personality...

Originally posted March 6, 2006:

So it is no lie that Baby M got E's looks, but she sure as HECK got my personality. I got pictures from B & J today and it made me smile to see the very first pic of the album...because it is SOOOOO me. I am not kidding you.

She has this look on her face like "you have GOT to be kidding me". It is one of my many faces.

I love getting pictures from B & J, because I can see how loved she is and it makes me breath a little easier. I sometimes struggle with the fact that I gave the only child I was able to carry to term up, but I am mainly at peace with it, because deep in my soul these people were MEANT to have her. She was not meant to be with me.

Besides the sacrificing of goats...they are good people. And yes, I am able to look past the goats. Besides, its only in the basement.

**disclaimer: B & J do not sacrifice goats...its a joke from the day we signed off on our parental rights**

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