Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Bigger they are the harder they fall...

Originally Posted February 22, 2006:

*don't mind me...I am on roll about Baby M today*

My ex, E, wasn't quiet believing me that the pregnancy was a viable one and that it was going to go to term. So, he insisted that he go with me to one of my weekly ultra sounds (I was having weekly ultra sounds because I was high risk). Which was fine.

I was 10 weeks along at that point. So Dr. E turns off the lights and E comes and stands next to me, between the table and the wall. She starts the ultra sound and the baby pops up on the TV monitor on the wall. She starts describing it, you could see the little arms and legs, plus the baby was squirming around.

I looked over at E, because he was breathing pretty hard. Then all the sudden, his eyes roll back into his head and he slides down to the ground. I said "Dr. E, we have a problem here..."

Thank goodness for panic buttons in exam rooms!!!! He has never lived down that he FAINTED during the ultra sound. Even during the 4D, he got pretty woozy and had to sit down.

And that's why men don't have babies.

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