Thursday, December 28, 2006

Comedic Timing

Originally posted March 7, 2006:

Little Baby M certainly has my sense of humor and timing.

When B & J went to court to have the adoption finalized they took Baby M with. When the judge banged the gavel and said that the adoption was final and official, Baby M stuck her tongue out and went "PPPPPTTTTTTFFFFFF". (Baby M was about 6 months old.) Apparently she didn't approve, it might have something to do with the goats.

Then when B & J had Baby G (their natural daughter), Mia was about 8 months old. They took Baby M to the hospital and said "Look M, this is your little sister G". M looked at G and again went "PPPPPPTTTTTTTFFFFFFF".

I think that is the best. They also have a picture of what Baby M originally thought of her sister. She is giving her the nastiest "ummm, just WHY would you put THAT next to me????" (I will have to try to find it).

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