Thursday, December 28, 2006

The black boy

Originally posted February 22, 2006:

This is my most favorite memory of Baby M's adoptive mom, J.

J and B prayed for a healthy baby, no matter the sex, first and foremost...but deep down they wanted a girl. They had everything for a girl from the twins (that they lost) and they were just ready for a girl.

The night before the 4D ultra sound, J had, as she calls it, a nightmare. B said she woke up crying and he could not get her to settle down.

So, she is telling E and I about the dream. She dreamed that we were in the delivery room, and as the baby came out she was stunned. The nurse showed it to her and it was a black boy.

J said she looked and me, started crying and said "What am I supposed to do with a BOY?" She wasn't at all upset that it was black, which she wouldn't have been. But seeing as E and I are both white... I would have had some explaining to do.

When Baby M came by emergency c-section, J was in the operating room with me. She was crying and I turned my head to look at her and said "So, is it a black boy?" Everyone in the room fell silent, but J and I laughed. I knew the entire pregnancy that it was a girl. I love J.

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