Thursday, December 28, 2006


Originally posted April 24, 2006:

When I woke up Sunday morning, I didn't really feel like walking SIX MILES. Yes, SIX MILES...I had originally thought that it was three miles, but I was misinformed and my bubble was burst Saturday night.

Ollie and I bucked up, strapped on our walking shoes and managed to struggle the six miles. Heck, if a pregnant woman can do it, while pushing a stroller that weighs 75+ pounds...I certainly can do it (I was NOT about to let J show me up.) It was a cool day, which was good, because if it would have been hot out, I would not have made it 600 yards.

J is fairly competitive, so we had to walk at a rather brisk pace because we ended up going out dead last. (Damn babies needing diaper changes! SHEESH!) However, we made up time quickly and ended up finishing mid pack...which really didn't matter because it WASN'T a race. Although, J didn't really was race to her.

I walked with J and her sister, W. Where was B, you ask? Well....the little weasel (or ass monkey, as it may be) claimed his back hurt. I didn't see a doctors excuse, no I did not. Plus he sounded just fine when I talked to him Saturday night...didn't sound crippled to me. I bet that he was all hunched over while J and W were still there with the kids, but once they left...I just KNOW that he was dancing the jig, probably doing back flips too. *sigh*

After the walk, we chowed down on pizza and then went for custard. It was heavenly.

Although...while eating custard, I learned some VERY disturbing kept me up all night. Brace yourselves. Baby M was sitting on my lap while I was eating my hot fudge sundae. I couldn't tease the child, so I gave her a few small spoonfuls of the yummy goodness. J informs me that Baby M has never had chocolate before!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN THAT BE??????????? How can she be depriving my child of CHOCOLATE????????????????? That's just not right and I believe the SEVEREST form of child abuse EVER!!!! I have a call into the attorney general and the PRESIDENT....must get these people locked away. I don't care about the goat sacrificing, but I will NOT condone the lack of chocolate in my child's diet. So very upsetting. I will be visiting more often JUST to make sure that Baby M gets her quota of chocolate. You think you know someone...sheesh.

Once we got home, Ollie and I napped. Well, Ollie napped and while napping, kept barking in his I just kept yelling at him to shut it...while trying to sleep. Didn't work very well. Little dork. The good part was that he didn't need anymore exercise for the rest of the night. I think I walked his little pads right off!

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