Thursday, December 28, 2006

An evening brought to you by pelvic rest

Orginally posted March 31, 2006:

I had a condition called placenta previa (which is the placenta covering the cervix and as the uterus grows, it starts to pull up and away from the cervix causing bleeding) during my pregnancy. The previa started to rear its ugly head during the 2nd trimester and I was put on pelvic rest (basically meaning no sex) at 20 weeks...which if you have ever been pregnant during the 2nd trimester all you can think about is sex. It was a challenge.

I met Jamie during my 2nd trimester. I told him right away about the pregnancy and the pending adoption. He was perfectly fine with it and extremely supportive. However, we couldn't have any "relations" (if you know what I mean) and with my current state of mind, that was relatively difficult.

One Saturday afternoon in October, B and J came over to visit (at that point I was on bed rest, I was about 28 weeks along) and to give me the news that they were pregnant. We were having a conversation about how difficult the last few weeks had been.

I cant remember the exact conversation....but I remember this part:

Brian: This has to be so tough on you. I cant wait till Baby M is born (she was already named at that point)
Me: Me too.
Jamie: That's what I'm waiting for.

The three of us just turned to him and bust out was so perfect. He swears he didn't mean for THAT...that he just couldn't wait till we were all through this. You should have seen how red he was hysterical.

From that point on B and I would do our best Barry White impressions and talk about "evenings brought to you by pelvic rest".

Our favorite line was "Fun from the waist up only". Ahh good times.

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