Thursday, December 28, 2006

Super Sonic Blogging and Demonic Baby

Originally Posted March 31, 2006:

Last night I got to catchup with Baby M's Dad, B. I talk to J all the time, but rarely to talk to B (I think J just likes to hog me, personally. not that I blame her)

We were talking about my blog and how often I post. I told him that it doesn't take me that long because I type 90 words a minute. The conversation was a riot, because B has a very vivid imagination.

B: you type 90 words a minute?
Me: Yeah, so?
B: Don't your fingers bleed?
Me: *laughing* No they are made of teflon
B: I think that's super sonic speed
Me: Yup, there are constant sonic booms in my office.
B: *laughing* I can just see it now....BEEEETTTHHHH STTOOOOPPPP TYYYPPPPIINNNGGGG (as people are flying through the office, grabbing onto any stable surface, windows shattering, children screaming)
Me: Yes, because we have so many children in the office
*more laughter and giggling about super sonic typing*

B is so protective of me...he is like my big brother. They know Jamie well and thought that he was "the one" (as I did), so I find it very comforting to know that they are just as disappointed in him as I am and just as shocked. You guys only know what I tell you (the evil stuff basically) but they saw how wonderful he was to me and are so shocked that he has done a complete 180.

Well..Moose season is closed and there is a dead moose laying in my way. I wonder just how you dispose of moose???

Ooh, and Baby M was in the background while B was telling me that her bottle is like baby crack. All the sudden I hear in this particularly demonic voice "DAAADDD EEEEEEE". I just cracked up, because that is SOOOOO me. Apparently when she wants her food, there is no FOOLING around. B says you have to give it to her or risk loosing an eye. *sigh* She is so me.

B said that I also have to clarify that Baby M does look like me and has my facial expressions and we laugh the same way.

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