Thursday, December 28, 2006

In Agreement

Originally posted April 21, 2006:

I sent J that blog about a couple trying to adopt....I didn't say anything to J in my email to her. Just to read the blogs about adoption and to give me her thoughts on it.

Because I think the owner of that blog, will be stopping by here, I wanted to share J's thoughts:

"Wow, To me it sounds like someone not ready to adopt, but someone who is adopting because they are out of options. They haven't really thought of the child's birthparents, and their feelings at all, or really what it would mean to the child to be adopted. They are only thinking that they want a baby, they just don't want an adoption, but that's their only option. It's really sad. She even says in one of her blogs, "once the baby is born, we are the parents" How can she discount the birthparent's role in the child's life and their love for the child. She just wants them to disappear. There is a reason that open adoption is becoming so popular, because it's healthier!!! I'm tempted to email her...

(It also sounds like all adoption facilitators aren't very good communicators!!)"

I totally agree with J and I hope that this woman realizes that she is just getting a baby, its a whole package. The birthparents don't just disappear. Sorry, but they don't.

I love you J!!! Thanks for being the wonderful person you are (B is okay...)

Ooh and when I blog about the emotions that B, J and I feel for each other...they are real...not just for entertainment purposes.

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