Thursday, December 28, 2006


Originally posted May 22, 2006:

I was out sick Friday. I just wasn't feeling well and needed sometime. I slept the whole day away. It was good. It was nice.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful and kind comments. I really appreciate all the support and kind words that were left for me.

I think I have found a place for the anger and am learning how to release it. I know that some people use anger to transform into other things, but I cant and don't. My anger is destructive, to me and other relationships, so I have to learn how to let it go or to handle it so that it is not destructive. I am working on that...but I think I may need to go back on drugs...though the drugs I did take for awhile didn't really help, so I would want to try something else. I tried Lexapro and Prozac but neither of them really worked. Though, Jamie says that I was more even than I am now. He is probably right.

The hurt of loosing Baby M has finally come to the surface and maybe now that I am dealing with it, my anger will lesson and I will be able to move forward.

Thanks again for all the wonderful things and for checking on me....I am settling down and hopefully able to move forward through the anger.

Blabby: I wrote down your email and I will shoot you one sometime today...I deleted the comment as you asked. THANKS for leaving that for me!!!

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